Make your money work on your terms

Evolve your Portfolio Evolve your portfolio


Enjoy the flexibility to hold many types of investments in your account, including individual stocks, bonds, exchange traded funds, or mutual funds – strategically overseen to help manage the impact of market volatility.

If there is a particular industry or security you don’t want in your portfolio, then you can rest assured it won’t be there.


Our individualized approach means we may be able to use tax-management strategies to reduce the taxes payable on investment earnings.

It also means that the performance figures you see on your statement represent your personal rate of return – and yours alone.

Monitored and Rebalanced

To ensure that your personalized portfolio remains true to your objectives, it is monitored and rebalanced to maintain its optimized asset allocation.

This way, you can feel confident you have the investments that are right for you, regardless of market fluctuations.

How We Work with You

Your portfolio is as unique as you are. That's why it all starts with - and comes back to - you.

Current State Analysis

Current State Analysis

We begin with a thorough analysis of your current investment position. Through one-on-one conversations with you, we take the time to get to know you, your investment goals, time horizon, risk tolerance, personal preferences, income requirements and performance expectations. This gives us the foundation we need to begin personalizing a portfolio recommendation for you.
Portfolio Personalization

Portfolio Personalization

We use the knowledge we’ve gathered about you and your family to define the optimal allocation for your investment dollars across the various asset classes, geographic markets and investment types within a unified managed account portfolio that will target your investment goals and expectations.
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Next, we formulate an Investment Strategy Proposal in which we outline the strategy and process that we will use to manage your portfolio. We will show you the investment specialists who will manage your portfolio and detail your investment costs. Once you accept our recommendation, we will implement your portfolio strategy.
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Active Monitoring

Active Monitoring

After your portfolio strategy has been implemented, we continue to actively monitor all aspects of your strategy and portfolio. We will report on your personal performance, execute tax loss management strategy, monitor the managers on your portfolio, implement rebalancing when necessary and re-allocate your assets whenever your portfolio structure is re-optimized.

Sample Portfolios

What does an individualized, optimized portfolio look like?

Ruth: "I need my portfolio to support me in the lifestyle I know."

At 76, Ruth has long retired from the workforce, but she remains active in her community and with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. A widow for some years, she enjoys a lifestyle that's comfortable, but not extravagant, and wants to preserve her wealth for her family.

Primary Goal: Capital preservation

Most of Ruth's portfolio is dedicated to secure fixed income investments (75%), to preserve her wealth. For some diversification and potential growth, it also includes exposure to North American dividends (15%) as well as global dividends (5%) and real estate (5%).


  75% Core Plus Fixed Income
  15% North American Dividend
  5% Global Real Estate
  5% Global Dividend

John: "I'm not about to take unnecessary risks with my money, but I do want to make the most of the opportunities out there."

John has started to cut back on his hours at work so he can spend more time with his wife. He’s looking forward to retiring completely within the next seven to 10 years. However, “retirement” for John means being more active than ever - travelling, dining out, golfing and enjoying the good life that he’s earned.

Primary Goal: Balanced growth and income

Because John relies on his portfolio for some cash flow, it has a healthy 40% allocation to fixed income. On the growth side, his portfolio is diversified geographically and by investment style to help protect him from market declines in any given area.



  40% Core Plus Fixed Income
  15% North American Growth
  15% North American Value
  10% Global real estate
  10% Global Small Cap
  5% International Growth Equities
  5% International Value Equities

Karen: “I want my money to work as hard for me as I work to earn it. And that’s pretty hard.”

Karen, 50, has finally made partner and got the corner office she’s wanted for years. She knows that these are her peak earning years, and she wants to make the most of them. She wants to see just how far she can push her portfolio over the next 15 to 20 years.

Primary Goal: Growth

Karen’s portfolio contains a mix of investments with high growth potential. Diversification by geography and investment style helps to protect her from the effect of downturns in any one area. For stability, her portfolio also includes a 20% allocation to fixed income.



  20% Core Plus Fixed Income
  20% North American Value
  20% North American Growth
  15% Global Small Cap
  10% Global Real Estate
  7.5% International Growth Equities
  7.5% International Value Equities

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Evolve your portfolio

With typical mutual funds and many managed investment programs, your selection of investment types is often limited. You can choose a certain type of fund or portfolio, but you have no real say over what goes into it. In many cases, you may even be completely unaware of some of the securities that you hold and whether they are the right ones for you.

With IPC Private Wealth, we take your investments one step further, so your money can work for you on your terms.
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