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Tempered Optimism
This quarter, Wayne shares how markets continue to react to the COVID-19 news cycle, why tempered optimism is needed, and what we’re doing to ensure liquidity and safety.
Steve Locke
Why You Still Need Fixed Income
In this five-minute video, Steve Locke, SVP and Head of Mackenzie’s Fixed Income Team discusses the ongoing need for fixed income in a balanced portfolio.
Appointing an Executor: Who Will You Choose?
Appointing an Executor: Who Will You Choose?
When appointing an executor for your estate, the person who first comes to mind won’t necessarily become your final choice. That’s because you must consider a number of factors when making this important decision.
Slow Recovery Sets Expectations
This quarter, Wayne Gillespie, Director & Senior Portfolio Strategist, sets expectations for a recovery and discusses key events slowing momentum.
Families Blend
When Families Blend, Life Changes
It wasn’t that long ago when blended families were an uncommon family unit. Today, they now represent about 1 in 8 couples in Canada with children. When families change, so do finances. Here are some life-long things to consider.
The Siren Song and Investing Without an Airbag
As human beings, it's in our very nature to succumb to short-term desires. In this week's letter, our CIO, Corrado Tiralongo explains why this trait can work against you when building a portfolio to target long-term goals.
Sandwich Generation: Are You Taking Care of Yourself?
Sandwich Generation: Are You Taking Care of Yourself?
It’s a significant life change when your roles have reversed and you’re the one helping a parent with daily living. Meanwhile, you also care for your children at home. Welcome to the sandwich generation.
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