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The Narratives and Illusions of Investment Management
Over my next few letters, I’ll take you through examples of what to look out for and give you a sense of the types of questions to consider when evaluating potential funds.This week, we look at two themes: Stories and Numbers; and What’s in a Name.
When Things Get “Less Bad”
Tim Rudderow, David Aspell and Kent Huang of Mount Lucas Management discuss the Counsel U.S. Value mandate, investors paying up for growth and the outperformance potential in value stocks as the economy recovers.
Returning to the Market
Returning to the Market
Tim Rudderow and David Aspell from Mount Lucas Management explain the direction of the Global Trend model looking forward and holdings in the Counsel Retirement Income Portfolio.
Uncovering Value Opportunities
Brandon Harrell of TSW, our International Value investment specialist, highlights the regions and sectors where they’re finding value opportunities and areas they’re avoiding.
The Cost of Chasing Investment Performance
Our CIO, Corrado Tiralongo explains why comparing investment performance and chasing returns can affect investment outcomes. As investors crowd into stocks believed to be structural winners, do their growth assumptions make sense?
A W-Shaped Recovery
We spoke with Larry Antonatos of Brookfield Investment Management, investment specialist for the Hybrid Real Asset component of our IPC Private Wealth Multi-Strategy Alternatives mandate.
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